About Us



Thuso Capital is a 100% black-owned investment and advisory company focusing on infrastructure project development, advisory and commercial strategic investments in the SADEC region and the rest of the African continent.

The entity was established to take advantage of infrastructure development in South Africa and the rest of the African continent.

Thuso is a Sotho word for “Assistance” which is the foundation of the entity i.e. to assist its business partners and clients in unlocking business opportunities in the African continent as the project team has more than 10 years exposure to financing transactions, working in the public sector and establishing successful businesses.

Our focus to empowerment and our investment strategy is to play an active role in the companies we invest in, ranging from board representation and operational involvement. We also believe that empowerment is not only limited to select individuals but should be broad-based and that is why we always ensure that investments we participate in we can change socio-economic dynamics in the environments our companies are operating in from enterprise development, skills
development and community development.